About Me

Vivian Li is a writer, musician, and inventor who enjoys exploring obscure and intriguing concepts. She also likes to play piano, sing, take nature walks, write poetry/ fiction, read, and learn about how machines work. She is currently studying at the University of Toronto, and has been awarded Gold and Silver Keys from Scholastic Awards for her poetry, and Silver Keys for her fiction. Her creative works have been published in journals or magazines such as The Window,  ellipsis…literature & art, Young Voices Magazine, and the UC Review. Most recently, she has received a certificate of participation from the Humber School for Writer’s Summer Creative Writing Program, a Book Prize for Ted Chamberlin’s Poetry Prize, and Honorable Mentions from Muriel’s Journey Poetry Prize 2019. She can be reached @eliktherain.

She has served as Associate Editor for The Goose: an annual review of short fiction, IDIOM: U of T’s English Undergraduate Journal, and Almagest: Undergraduate Journal in the History and Philosophy of Sciences. She recently wrote and edited for The Window Magazine, curated works for Young Voices Magazine, and served as Editor for Pensées Canadiennes: the Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy. She is currently a Junior Editor for Augur, a speculative magazine, Associate-Editor-in-Chief of IDIOM, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Matchstick, Amnesty International’s Youth Newspaper, and writing for DEMO Magazine. She is also currently a writer for The Window, and an editor of Acta Victoriana as well as The Spectatorial.